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We are very proud and privileged in the work we do to assist families with all ages on the autism spectrum here at Time 2 Train. We receive so many positive testimonials, please feel free to read from those who have participated in the Time 2 Train experience.

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" Having a child with Asperger's can be very interesting as well as exhausting. We had Jeremy enrolled in an intensive exercise program at the age of seven, for around 2 years. I can honestly say the turning point which sticks in my mind came three months into his program. The primary school phoned me to say "Jeremy is like a different child. He can sit through a whole class without disruptive behaviour and even make it through a day!


I knew then, that all work and the cost was well worth while because Jeremy just kept on improving. That was in 1994 and Jeremy is now a specialist, personal trainer who has created Time 2 Train to help other young children like himself.


I cannot say enough, how important it is for your child to attend regular sessions for as long as practicable. I believe that this continuous structured routine will enable your child to attain the skills and abilities necessary for their future development. " 

Jan Wyllie Samson | Jeremy's Mother

" I want to thank you so much for making my son Marcus’s journey at Time 2 Train one of the most memorable and life changing experiences he has EVER had.


Marcus was always reluctant to participate in sport because he felt that he was slower than his peers and much smaller in size. The thought of performing and knowing that coming last was inevitable made simple things like playing tiggy and footy with his school mates a chore. When I suggested he attend Time 2 Train and that you would work on his strength and fitness he was willing to give anything a go. The minute Marcus met you I knew that the experience was going to be a great success.


You was so welcoming and committed to Marcus eating out of his hand right instantly. Marcus did the whole program and achieved so much success. His local football coach commented on how much Marcus has improved with his overall fitness. At the end of the program, Marcus wanted to renew his membership.


He was not ready to give up his one on one time with you. You became such an amazing role model to Marcus and even today when Marcus talks about his future he tells everyone that he wants to be just like Jeremy! You are an inspiration to us all, Jeremy! "

Sue. F. & Family

Alexa Young, CA

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