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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What happens after my loved one has completed an 8 or 12 week program with Time 2 Train?


A : When you have completed a program then you will sit down with the specialist to discuss how they have gone, and whether you want to continue or explore a more advanced training program.

The exercises become more advanced but remain fun and challenging. Steady progression and continuing the improved results is what Time 2 Train aims to achieve.

Once your child has achieved a high satisfactory level in the program, we then can begin to venture into more physically advanced movements, to improve more fluency in physical ability.

 We continue to challenge and stretch abilities under different levels of pressure to ensure we increase coping skills and management.




You are allowed to have 1 week off from the Time 2 Train program at no cost, every week afterwards will incur a booking fee. (TBD)


* If you are away longer than 3 weeks, your position in the Time 2 Train program will be made available to someone else.



Q : Do I need the Exercise Online Training Link?


A : The Exercise Online Training Link is mandatory to the program. Designed to assist parents in continuing the Time 2 Train training in the comfort of your own home, in order to further improve and increase the progression and development.




Q : What happens if I cancel a session at the last minute?


A : If you have paid for a program in full and you receive 2 makeup sessions, you are allowed to cancel a session but you must give at least up 24 hours notice.

* If this is NOT possible then no less than 2 hours before a session begins. This will result in the session counting as 1 completed session.

A late fee can be issued to the value of a 1 hour session. If cancellation occurs anymore than 3 times without proper notice, the specialist has the right to cancel that program without refund.





Q : What happens if I cancel my Time 2 Train booking at last minute?


A : Time 2 Train requires up to a minimum of 24 hours notice to the commencement of the first training session. This may be done via email, text message or phone call. Should a cancellation occur less than 24 hours, a cancellation fee of 1 training session will apply. Invoice will be sent via email and to be paid within 7 business working days before further late fee penalties will apply. See our Terms & Conditions.




Q : What happens if the specialist and or trainer cancels on me at the last minute or due to other reasons?


A : If the specialist, trainer has to cancel a session for whatever reason then the specialist, trainer is required to make up that session when next convenient or at the end of that existing program (make up session).




Q : I / We paid a full program and my child has a serious injury and is out of action for more than 8 weeks, what happens?


A : In the unfortunate event that you or your child badly injures himself during the program or outside of the program.

* Firstly you must notify the specialist, trainer immediately and the program will be put on hold until able to return.


Depending on circumstances will determine whether a refund of remaining sessions is in order, but please be mindful that there is no 100% guarantee of this occurring and this decision is solely up to the discretion of the specialist, trainer. If your child is injured and cannot return for more than 8 weeks your position may be made available to the next available client. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may have on you.



Q : Can I pay my sessions weekly or fortnightly, or is there any other payment options other than the ones currently existing?


A : Unfortunately this payment option is not part of Time 2 Train policy.

However depending on circumstances, it is up to the discretion of the trainer to negotiate with the client some flexibility in the ways of payment. This works on a case by case basis and is not 100% guaranteed available to all clients.


The program is structured to allow those who can pay in full to receive the benefits of up to 2 makeup sessions by showing they are committed to the program. To families who cannot afford to pay in full but are just as committed to the program have the 2 instalment option but no make up sessions are given.



Q : Am I allowed to bring others to the session?


A : Yes you may bring along others to the session to simply sit and watch. Others cannot participate unless the specialist, trainer is comfortable in allowing this. Negotiation is advised.




Q : What happens if my child is acting dangerously during a session?


A : If a session becomes far too dangerous and out of control to a degree that possible injury to themselves or the trainer occurs. 

The trainer has the right to stop the session until the child has calmed down. If the session continues to be dangerous and the session has been stopped numerous times, the specialist, trainer has the right to ask the parent and child to leave and to return the following week.

Time 2 Train trainers are skill fully trained to do their very best to display patience, understanding, tolerance and work through dangerous episodes with the child to try and achieve some degree of work , as this is better than nothing.




Q :  I don’t feel Time 2 Train is working properly for my child. What do I do?


A : If at anytime you wish to stop or cancel a program, please notify the specialist trainer immediately and your program will be terminated.

However No refund will be given and you are allowed to re-join again in the future.

For a copy of our Terms & Conditions please contact us via email at

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