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Time 2 Train Training Services

8 week program & 12 week training program

Teenager at Home
Spare time
Distance Learning

8 week program

Suitable for all ages.


Develop a basic healthy understanding of skills for improved balance, co-ordination, confidence and overall functioning.

12 week program

Suitable for all ages.

Highly recommended integration package developing basic to advanced motor movements, increased confidence, emotional management and wellbeing.

Online Training Program
8 or 12 week program

Suitable for all ages.

Virtual training to support key development in motor skill, social emotional skills and further strategies to support loved ones on the spectrum including parents.

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What the Experts Say!


" Longitudinal study, clinical research suggest that about 15% move out of Autism Spectrum Disorder. From my clinical experience, I have found that physical exercise is far more effective in alleviating anxiety and depression in people with Asperger's syndrome than medication or psychological therapies.  Unfortunately, those with Asperger's syndrome tend to think of themselves as clumsy, not suitable for team sports and preferring intellectual sedentary pursuits. 


I would very much like to encourage your program as I think this will have great benefit, not only in terms of emotion management and fitness but also in clarity of thoughts and concentration.  I note that your program is based in Victoria but I wonder if you have any thoughts of similar programs throughout Australia.

Jeremy, you are 1 of 10 to 15 percent of individuals who has managed to overcome the criteria of Asperger's through a successful career in life. "


Professor Tony Attwood - Clinical Psychologist Asperger's Syndrome 

Other Services

Here at Time 2 Train, we also offer families other holistic, therapeutic approaches to support your loved one on the Autism Spectrum. Proudly supported by Time 2 Train!


Lupe Program

The Lupe Program (Learn Understand Practice Experience) is for students aged 10 yrs , young teen adolescents to adults on the Autism Spectrum ( Aspergers Syndrome ). The LUPE Program aims to build necessary skills, for people with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome to enable easy, successful transition into our wider community


Time 2 Ride | Car Therapy

Our purpose is to create a positive, emersed experience for all ages on the spectrum through our lovely transport vehicles, enhancing the individuals capacity to develop strategies to cope with alleviating frustrations, challenging behaviours and anxiety through our comfortable rides.


Hang Out Time

Teens who may be struggling socially, emotionally to connect with parents or other peers, behaving differently in other ways, feeling lonely, lacking in friends and missing shared interests to exploring new, fun and different experiences. Hang Out Time is the program to support nurturing relationships to positive healthy change in health, wellbeing.

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Time 2 Train Aspergers Program

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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