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Time 2 Train Aspergers Program

Time 2 Train's growing achievements throughout the journey since 2009. Our managing director Jeremy Samson has dedicated his professional career to raising awareness of the importance of health, wellbeing to support all ages on the Autism Spectrum. Jeremy has featured in all forms of media from television, radio to featuring in books, magazines and even movies and documentaries.


2016 Victorian Young Achiever Awards 

WINNER - Health & Wellbeing
Jeremy Samson

 I would like to thank my family, especially my mother Jan for all the hard work and commitment throughout my life. To all my close friends who have supported me on this very special journey. To everyone else involved in supporting the Time 2 Train Asperger's Program, I look forward to continuing great work in supporting the Autism community. "

J.Samson 2016

2015 Victorian Young Achiever Awards

SEMI-FINALIST - Small Business
Jeremy Samson


Jeremy Samson with Minister for Youth Affairs Jenny Mikakos at Melbourne's Young Achiever Awards Event held in Etihad Stadium in May 2015.


2014 International Naturally Autistic People Awards

WINNER - Entrepreneur | Jeremy Samson

I would like to now begin helping young teens to adults on the spectrum. After winning 'Entreprenuer' at the 2014 Naturally Autistic People Awards in Scotland, Edinburgh. I decided to begin developing the "Lupe Program" using just four "common sense" basic methods, that have assisted me over many years from teenage, to young adult life.

My successful career in life on the spectrum, has provided me with the perfect mentoring qualities for other individuals also on the spectrum. Through guidance, support, wisdom, motivation, inspiration etc. I strongly encourage teens to adults on the spectrum to use my methods in training, as a great example in how to improve ones self development. "

J.Samson 2014



Jeremy-Samson-D.C. (1).webp


Autistic Man Creates Training Program That Allows Others With Autism To Overcome Anxiety, Depression, And Social Limitations

Research studies indicates that involvement in athletics and social activities can help children with behavioral issues decrease by 20-25% and also decrease depression and anxiety. Jeremy Samson, a fitness trainer/manager with Asperger’s from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia for three weeks toured the United States teaching his successful program Time 2 Train. On May 12th we both presented at the Navigating Autism Today Conference at the Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth, MI. I had the pleasure to have lunch with Jeremy and listen to his presentation.   


Jean Piaget, the Swiss psychologist who mapped out the stages of children’s cognitive development, believed movement is essential to learning. Piaget stated, “Children learn by physically manipulating objects and seeing how they work.” Time 2 Train helps individuals with autism learn social skills and gain fine motor skills through exercise, athletics and social interaction.

Jeremy has seen amazing results through his personal training program. Children with limited speech ability develop new communication skills; individuals lacking fine motor skills learn to play sports in competitions; and young adults with limited social skills interact with friends.

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Jeremy Samson: Talking Asperger’s, the child becoming an adult and family.

Be inspired by Jeremy Samson,

who is known in Australia and internationally as the founder of

Time2Train an Asperger’s Program.

Designed personally by himself and for the children to enable them to encourage physical and mental awareness. Jeremy shares his personal story of himself; from prior his diagnosis of Asperger’s and then following.

He opens up about his challengers and what he has learnt from them and how he is now operating a successful business that is resourceful for the individual, families and communities of those who are on the spectrum.

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Ep 240: How Jeremy, a PT with Aspergers Created a Training Program That Allows Others On the Autism Spectrum To Overcome Anxiety, Depression, And Social Limitations

Jeremy is the Founder at Time 2 Train,  Australia's No.1 Fun, Learning Movement Exercise Program. He is using sports and activities combined with games to train all ages on the Autism Spectrum.

Jeremy is an Australian Personal Trainer who was diagnosed with Aspergers as a child who has conquered the challenging symptoms to live and lead a successful life.

Channel 7

Time 2 Train Aspergers Program

A revolutionary exercise program for children with autism is about to be taken to the world.

It was devised by a Melbourne personal trainer with Asperger's who says he understands how hard it can be to cope in the modern world.

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