Time 2 Train Aspergers Program     

 For all ages with Autism, specialising in Aspergers Syndrome 

8 - 12 week training programs include

1:1 Training with Certified Specialist | Trainer | Practitioner | Therapist

Time 2 Train Specialists are listed below

Sessions conducted in a safe friendly environment

Sessions can be Indoor | Outdoor ( weather permitting )

Sessions operate for 1 hour duration

( 45 minutes minimum )

Regular Assessments per program

Developing stylised programs

Exercise Training Online

Suitable for all ages ( DVD 123 / 456 / LUPE

Results & Certificate per program

See improvement between 8 - 12 weeks

TIME 2 TRAIN ONLINE EXERCISE TRAINING ( Scan the QR Code to purchase your copy today! )

Research indicates that exercise intervention led to around 37% improvement in symptoms of ASD, specifically academic and improved management in behaviour. Further research study looked at the effect of exercise on children with Autism found that those exposed to exercise training twice a week for 48 weeks showed decrease in their ASD symptoms. 

 This is NOT a cure for Asperger's but aims to achieve healthy development and improvement, to minimise and diminish certain traits to a manageable level.

* Please use the online link to practice what you are learning in the sessions to further increase overall improvement.

Certificate of Completion & Results

  • Receive your certificate for completing 8 or 12 weeks followed by a complimentary results graph. 
  • Your child or loved one will be assessed in the beginning and end of each program to monitor steady progress of improvement. For further information or other questions please visit our FAQ'S page.

* Please note, certain students may not be ready for assessment and therefore modifications to the program will be made to ensure appropriate training is conducted.

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Watch Time 2 Train Director Jeremy Samson with his student Ethan showing off his improved physical ability

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Meet the Time 2 Train Team

Jeremy Samson ( VIC )

Managing Director | Founder Time 2 Train
Aspergers Personal Trainer | Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner
Allied Health Professional
specialising in all ages with Asd | Aspergers Syndrome

" Working passionately in creating true awareness and understanding of Asperger's to the community. I developed the Time 2 Train Program in 2009 based on tough childhood experience.  Having Asperger's myself, I understand all the frustrations and difficulties that are associated with Asperger's Syndrome. 

Recognised by Prof Tony Attwood as 1 of 10 - 15% overcoming the criteria of Aspergers Syndrome.

I furthered my studies to learn the importance of applied neuroscience, neuroplasticity, the value of life experience, meaningful relationships and integrating holistic multidisciplinary therapeutic approaches to enhance optimal functioning, positive growth in development.

Tackle every experience with the privilege of opportunity."