Time 2 Train Aspergers Program     

 For all ages with Autism, specialising in Aspergers Syndrome 

8 - 12 week training programs include

1:1 Training with Certified Specialist | Trainer | Practitioner | Therapist

Time 2 Train Specialists are listed below

Sessions conducted in a safe friendly environment

Sessions can be Indoor | Outdoor ( weather permitting )

Sessions operate for 1 hour duration

( 45 minutes minimum )

Regular Assessments per program

Developing stylised programs

Exercise Training Online

Suitable for all ages ( DVD 123 / 456 / LUPE

Results & Certificate per program

See improvement between 8 - 12 weeks

TIME 2 TRAIN ONLINE EXERCISE TRAINING ( Scan the QR Code to purchase your copy today! )

Research indicates that exercise intervention led to around 37% improvement in symptoms of ASD, specifically academic and improved management in behaviour. Further research study looked at the effect of exercise on children with Autism found that those exposed to exercise training twice a week for 48 weeks showed decrease in their ASD symptoms. 

 This is NOT a cure for Asperger's but aims to achieve healthy development and improvement, to minimise and diminish certain traits to a manageable level.

* Please use the DVD to practice what you are learning in the sessions to further increase overall improvement.

Certificate of Completion & Results

  • Receive your certificate for completing 8 or 12 weeks followed by a complimentary results graph. 
  • Your child or loved one will be assessed in the beginning and end of each program to monitor steady progress of improvement. For further information or other questions please visit our FAQ'S page.

* Please note, certain students may not be ready for assessment and therefore modifications to the program will be made to ensure appropriate training is conducted.

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Meet the Time 2 Train Team

Jeremy Samson (VIC)

Managing Director
Aspergers Trainer | Cert MIAAN Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner 
Allied Health Professional
specialising in all ages with Asd | Aspergers Syndrome

" Working passionately in creating true awareness and understanding of Asperger's to the community. I developed the Time 2 Train Program in 2009 based on tough childhood experience.  Having Asperger's myself, I understand all the frustrations and difficulties that are associated with Asperger's Syndrome. 

I furthered my studies to learn the importance of applied neuroscience, neuroplasticity, the value of life experience, meaningful relationships and integrating holistic therapeutic approaches to enhance optimal functioning, positive growth in development.

Tackle every experience with the privilege of opportunity."

Kimberley Spencer ( VIC )

PGDip Psychology / Personal Trainer
Allied Health Professional
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome

Hi, I’m Kimberley (Kim). I have a strong passion for all things health, with a particular interest in connecting the brain and the body through food, movement, and mindfulness.  Aside from being a personal trainer I am currently completing a post-graduate degree in Psychology and look forward to integrating my knowledge of physical and mental health to support those I work with be the best version of themselves. 

With this in mind, I was so impressed when I found out about Jeremy’s Time 2 Train program and was very eager to become part of the team.  

When meeting me, you can expect a fun, kind, easy-going, empathetic person who will go above and beyond to ensure your experience is the best it can be. I am absolutely honoured to have the opportunity to work with young people with ASD/Asperger’s to achieve their goals, to help them develop valuable life skills, and to grow throughout their journey.

Katherine Mackie

Health, Fitness Instructor | Personal Trainer
Allied Health Professional
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome

I began as a home carer where my duties included personal care of service users in their own homes as well as social care and domestic tasks, promoting independence and training of new staff. 

I was later promoted to supervisor where my duties expanded to include liaising with the multi-disciplinary team and service users families, rostering staff, the on-call system and basic admin duties. 

When I learned about Jeremy's program. I was extremely excited to be apart of the program. After speaking with Jeremy, I am excited to be on board in bringing this program to W.A to help support the autism community.

Simone Sandwith VIC

Health, Fitness Instructor | Personal Trainer
Allied Health Professional 
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome

Hi I’m Simone. All my life I have had a passion for teaching, coaching and helping people. My background in teaching swimming has coincided with this. I’ve helped all ages but mainly children to feel safe, comfortable in the water and to help them achieve their swimming goals. 

Also I'm a coach and official in other sports from netball to even a race official of junior motocross racing. I have furthered my own career and education, self development to become a certified fitness instructor & personal trainer.

As a result this has led me to the Time 2 Train Program. Using the skills I’ve developed over the years within the different areas of my career. I will continue helping children within Time 2 Train.

I'm really looking forward to being a part of the team. I’m also a graphic designer in marketing and event management. Which spans over 23 years.

Kevin Sholten VIC

Dip | Mental Health | Holistic Practitioner
Allied Health Professional
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome

Hi I' Kevin. I came to Australia in September 2016 from the Netherlands. Before coming here, I have travelled and lived in a number of countries where I had a lot of interesting experiences. My first trip out of Europe was in 2019 at the age of 21 going to Kenya where I built new and improved squat toilets for a secondary girl's school in the bush. 

That trip got me going and I have since revisited Kenya twice, lived in Mexico and Ethiopia. Living in Mexico I was studying International Business & Languages and through one class there I became very interested in human behaviour.  I learned a lot about the impact of the environment and how everything is interconnected. This accelerated my spiritual development and opened me up to deep inner work. 

In Ethiopia I worked with children that were previously living on the streets. I gave them breakdance lessons and did other after school activities as well as helping with daily living activities. There I've also worked with older kids in their late teens and early twenties doing breakdance and teaching them about relating in the world.  Part of my dream is to be a holistic role model for young people and help them find their purpose in life. I practice a lot of different things myself including but not limited to breathwork, (acro)yoga, dance and movement, meditation and shamanic journeying. 

 I want to contribute to the ongoing development of this community revolving around compassion and unity. I believe every person deserves guidance in living out their highest potential. Time 2 Train provides a structure giving me the opportunity to contribute in that way.

Melinda Toce VIC

Dip | Community Services & Sports Development - Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer
Allied Health Professional
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome

Hi, I’m Melinda and I’m really excited to be joining the Time 2 Train team. I have a Diploma in Community Services, a Diploma in Sports Development, Certificates III and IV in Fitness and a Certificate in Education Support. I have a 15y.o son who is on the Autism Spectrum and for the last 3 years I have been supporting children with additional needs in the Kindergarten setting. 

My whole career has been spent working with children from the ages of 0-12y.o. My son was diagnosed at the age of 2 and I am quite familiar and experienced in the challenges that not only he has faced over the years, but I have faced too as a mother with a child on the Autism Spectrum. Completing my Diploma in Sports Development and Certificates in Fitness has allowed me to help others achieve their fitness goals and guide them towards living a better quality of life both physically and mentally. 

I also volunteered for 3 years at my son’s primary school running a morning fitness program before school which encouraged the children to practise the 3 things we need for a healthy mind - exercise, music and laughter. I’m a firm believer in healthy body, healthy mind and vice versa and that we don’t live in our homes we live in our bodies.

Being a part of the Time 2 Train team will now give me the opportunity to support and guide individuals of all functioning levels on the Autism Spectrum in achieving and reaching their full potential and thriving towards positive goals. 

It will also give me the opportunity to allow them to experience quality support in life in which I believe is the right of every individual despite any challenges they may face. The Time 2 Train program and using my life changing experiences will not only allow me to support the individual on the Autism Spectrum but give their family the much needed support too.

Belinda Verdon W.A

Health, Fitness Instructor | Personal Trainer | Aquatic Swim Instructor
Allied Health Professional
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome

Hi my name is Belinda, I have a passion for working with and teaching kids. I have been involved in working with children for many years from volunteering as a teachers aide, to having a couple of my own.

Currently I am working as a swimming instructor and have been for the better part of over a decade. I am also a fully qualified personal trainer, including Aquatic Emergency Procedures, as well as having my senior first aid and CPR. I am very excited to be passionately involved in a wonderful team such as Time 2 Train.

I have known Jeremy and his work, for many years and fully support the approach and vision he shares with others. It is an honour to give back to many families in support of their loved one on the autism spectrum.

Kevin Sui VIC

Community / Disability Support Worker
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome

Hello everyone, My name is Kevin Siu and I came to Australia from Hong Kong in February 2016 to study accounting. I soon found that it wasn’t my passion and I felt myself searching for something else. In early 2021, I finished my disability course and I am eager to continue learning about this community and growing with Time 2 Train. 

I first heard of Time 2 Train Aspergers Program through a family that I am currently working with. One of the children, who has Autism and ADHD, is a former participant of this program and I am amazed by the outcomes of the program. Therefore, I am so excited to be a part of the team and continue to support and assist this community. During the time of working with the family, I have realised the importance of self-confidence and social skills and how this affects mental health. 

I am passionate in helping people grow these skills and sharing a positive outlook on life. Aside from that, I am passionate in making music and exercising. I love playing basketball and making instrumental music in my free time. I am looking to not only be a program mentor but also build strong long-term friendships.