Time 2 Train Aspergers Program     

 For all ages with Autism, specialising in Aspergers Syndrome 

10 year anniversary of the Time 2 Train Asperger Program 2009-2019

It is now the time and beginning of a new chapter to train other like minded professionals that have a pure love and desire for supporting the growth, health and well being towards optimal quality, balance in functioning and success in overall life for those on the spectrum.

Jeremy Samson - Founder Time 2 Train Aspergers Program

  • Managing Director of the Time 2 Train Asperger's Program Jeremy Samson is proudly launching the Asperger Trainer Program in 2019. 

  • Time 2 Train Asperger Trainer Workshops are non-accredited training workshops to help expand, facilitate the knowledge, methods, techniques of activity training used in the Time 2 Train Program, developed by Asperger Personal Trainer Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner Jeremy Samson, into community locations locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Time 2 Train is searching for certified individuals with a passion to helping the autism community through exercise, physical activity, emotional management, movement skills to build greater self confidence, awareness, empowerment to those living with the struggles of Autism / Asperger's Syndrome. 

What you will learn from the workshop :

  • Learn the exercises
  • Learn the structure of training sessions
  • How to setup training sessions
  • Learn the Reward System
  • Dealing with Dangerous Training Sessions
  • Asperger's Syndrome / Autism
  • VRT Training
  • Assesments & Technique
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Training Approaches for Autism
  • Exposure Training
  • Lupe Program
  • Benefits of Music Therapy / Neurofeedback
  • Operating Time 2 Train as a business
  • Terms Conditions

2020 Time 2 Train Asperger Trainer Workshops

Time 2 Train Asperger Trainer Workshops - MELBOURNE ( TBC )