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 For all ages with Autism, specialising in Aspergers Syndrome 

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Positive Skype Advice


Positive Skype Advice 

( NOW AVAILABLE ) - Click photo to enlarge - ( First Session FREE to all new members! )


Here you can arrange to have an official live session with Asperger Personal Trainer Jeremy Samson via internet networking program SKYPE.


Jeremy will be able to speak directly with you or family live , providing you with the neccessary advice , training tips , motivation, inspiration , strategies,  guidance , assistance , experience and more! Feel free to ask questions too!


Purchase your affordable appointment today with Jeremy.


Single 30 minute appointment - $60

Review :

* We skype Jeremy once a fortnight, my 15yr old looks forward to catching up with Jeremy & getting tips off him. Fantastic service!


(Please note : certain areas in the world have different timezones. Jeremy will schedule appropriate appointments on a case by case basis.)


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To book please email : [email protected]

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