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Developmental Training Package - Home Use Only


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INAPACF 2014 Award Winning Program - " Entreprenuer " Jeremy Samson

This is the ultimate package that is perfect for families interested in starting the Time 2 Train ASD / Asperger's Program in the comfort of their own home. 

* Included in this Package *

  • Introduction DVD created by Jeremy Samson explaining how to use and get the very best out of your training package. 
  • The DVD also features Jeremy's mother Jan who delivers tips and strategies , support and motivation.

Information about ANCA - Naturally Autistic ( Showcasing the strength and talent of the Global Autistic Community.

Jeremy's story on the Winning of 2014 "Entreprenuer" Award in Edinburgh Scotland
  • Assessment Scoring Chart & Star Chart
  • Weekly Monitoring Chart with stickers
  • 12 Exercises with flick through chapters, easy instructions to follow and understand. 
  • Equipment is NOT provided however you can purchase basic inexpensive equipment from your local sports store.
  •  If any troubles running dvd on your player , please try running disc on your computer or laptop.
  • Natural Results may vary but overall development can improve of up to 20-25% in as little as 4 - 6weeks.
  • The program helps improve and re-build neuroplasticity within the brain. It is believed that individuals with ASD/Asperger's have higher functioning in particular areas of the brain, but may lack in other areas, therefore unable to apply themselves effectively.
  • The program cannot cure A.S but can help diminsh traits to a manageable level that is acceptable.

Any more information please email Jeremy at [email protected]

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