Asperger's Program

 For all ages with Autism, specialising in Asperger's 

Taylor Wilson  
A love and passion helping others with Autism

" My name is Taylor Wilson, I am 23 years old and was born and raised on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

I have recently moved to Melbourne as a qualified personal trainer, specialising in adults who have Down Syndrome. My first experience with adults was through my own training and knowledge helping someone who was struggling with exercise.

I was able to help them successfully improve in their overall health and fitness and I really connected to wanting to help more people that have a learning difficulty

I am extremely passionate about the work I do and have relocated to Melbourne to expand my knowledge and work with all ages on the Autism Spectrum.

I grew up struggling through school having a learning difficulty myself. My local school sent me to various learning programs. At the age of 17, it was discovered that I had a visual struggle, which is a form of dyslexia. My parents were relieved to know what it was finally that was affecting my ability to learn.

I graduated year 12 and achieved great results. I have managed my struggles to complete my Diploma of Health & Fitness Coaching at University.

Over the past year I competed in several physique competitions and I am currently training for a power lifting competition later this year.

Along with these achievements I spent 7 years training in Tae Kwon Do, resulting in a black belt ranking.

I spoke with my teachers about wanting to become more involved in helping others with a learning difficulty and I was directed onto the Time 2 Train program online through social media.

I think the Time 2 Train Program is simply amazing and wonderful and I can see that through Jeremy and the success he has had.

I share the same passion and vision and I look forward to bringing the Time 2 Train program to many more families and individuals with Autism and learning difficulties. "


Taylor is amazing at what she does and I have been trained by her myself personally and had a wonderful experience. I have seen her personally train other clients who struggle with learning difficulties and disabilities and the patience and dedication she has towards these individuals amazes me more and more each and every time!

K.Goozee NSW

" Taylor is a happy bright patient and very caring kind individual who has chosen a career in Personal Training! Taylor is also focused, loyal conscientious and very keen to improve the confidence and fitness of all her clients regardless of skill or ability.

I have known Taylor for 4 years and have found her personality engaging, her honesty unquestionable and her commitment unwavering. I know she will be an amazing role model and inspiration for your child. "

S.Martin NSW

I've known Taylor for the last 10 years, she is dedicated and easy going person and always puts time aside to help with any issue that someone may come up against.

This is something I look for in a personal trainer, someone who is dedicated to helping and pushing others achieve their goals while having a caring nature on her side. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a personal trainer

M.Pike VIC

" I have known Taylor for a very long time, I have watched her work hard to be where she is at. Taylor is a great trainer in my eyes, she has helped me get started and be more motivated. Taylor isn't just a trainer she gets close to her clients and is always on a friendly level.

Taylor has told me about her training, being a trainer and all the offers she has received from different states and companies that would love to hire her. The stories she has told me have been heart warming. Taylor cares about her clients and really tries to help them in anyway she can.

 I have confidently told everyone how great she is and how hard she works. Taylor is a very loving and professional trainer. "

K.Levitt NSW